Our services

Hydro cleaning

  • 2 Electrical Hammelmann high pressure pumps - 2500 BAR.
  • No added chemicals
  • Automatized cleaning unit.
  • Capacity of cleaning mud, concrete, paint, scale and all other relevant contaminaiton.
  • Accommodates all sizes of drill collar, drill pipe, heavy weight & BHA components.


  • Brand new 2100m² range 3 tubular inspection facility.
  • Brand new 750m² BHA inspection facility.
  • FLUT and EMI wall thickness.
  • Digital reporting & bluetooth dimensional inspection.
  • OIMR meets the criteria’s in industry specifications such as NS-2, DS-1 & API.


  • Ocean IMR offers a one-stop-shop IMR service for drilling equipment, which includes machining and hard banding services.
  • Our supplier network carry all relevant proprietary licenses for connections.

Tubular & BHA management

  • The tubular & BHA management is fully digitalized, and all data is live updated on the customer portal.
  • Each individual serial number is traceable on its exact position on the yard through RFID technology.
  • Inspection reports & documentation are instantly available online after completion.
  • 15 000 m² storage yard.


  • OIMR provides preservation solutions designed for up to 2 years outdoors storage.
  • Internal & external preservation
  • Water & solvent based coatings.

Make & Break

  • Make up 160 000 lbs/ft
  • Break out 200 000 lbs/ft